Treatment Programs

Horses are started with an initial series of three treatments within a 72-hour period. This is to ensure a proper introduction to the therapy system, as well as create a strong base for long-term results.  A full evaluation is included with the initial three treatments. This uses the evaluation capabilities of the biofeedback system to determine abnormalities of the body and prioritize treatment areas. After the initial treatments are completed a follow-up program is suggested depending on the needs of the individual horse.

Treatment Programs: 

Performance Optimization. Just as professional human athletes require maintenance in order to perform at the optimal level, so do equine athletes. A Performance Optimization Treatment Plan is designed to decrease the risk of injury and improve performance. This is most useful for equine athletes with physically demanding careers. 

General Maintenance. This is the most popular treatment plan. It is designed for horses who have previous injuries or chronic conditions. This treatment program focuses on pain management and the healing process. The program decreases the likelihood of compensatory issues resulting from old injuries and greatly slows the progression of chronic conditions.  

Full Rehabilitation. This treatment program is for horses who currently have an injury or serious chronic condition This is the most vigorous treatment plan and focuses on pain management and increased healing time. This is most popular for open wounds, freshly injured soft tissue, and serious bouts of laminitis or navicular disease, among many other urgent conditions. 

Competition Package: This treatment includes two full body treatments. It is designed to optimize performance by reducing muscle soreness and increasing flexibility. 


Initial Treatment Series: 3 Treatments and a Full Body Evaluation- $250

Show Package: 2 Full Body Treatments- $100 

Single Treatment: $75

Treatment Package: $50/ each for 3 or more treatments a month